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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for the success of a website. SEO is the preparation and improvement of web pages to get high ranks in the organic search results of a search engine.

Search engines and visitors must find your online offers very quick and easy.

If a potential buyer is looking on the internet for the product you want to sell on your website you will only realize sales if your site ranks very high in the results of a search.

Most people are lazy. They are not ready clicking and scanning thousands of pages of search results. So if your item has 2 million competitors no client will find your offers if your website is on position four hundred and ten of thousand search results.

Search engine optimization is a very hard job. You must write unique content into at least hundred pages because Google really loves relevant content. Every single page of your website must be adapted to the needs of the search engine crawlers and their search algorithms. Therefore you must to know how this online fellows work.

SEO requires as well that you know all targeted keywords your visitors may use to find your product. Knowing this you must integrate these keywords into the HTML source and content of every page.

To avoid these enormous efforts of SEO you can hire a Search Engine Optimization Professionell (SEOP). They are expensive and perhaps dangerous for your business.

If you are a beginner you can't control if your optimizer is using white or black hat SEO techniques to achieve high ranks in the results of a search. The major search engines may ban your website forever if they find out that every page is programmed in a way Google Inc, Yahoo, MSN would consider as cheating or spamming.

Free ebooks about Search Engine Optimization:

There are free ebooks about search engine optimization written by Mr. Ken Evoy available. There are called:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) you pay the major search engines for high search ranks. You bid on keywords that are related to your own website or that of your merchant. Whenever a surfer searches with that keyword your ad will be displayed over or right from the organic search results. Learn more about

Targeted traffic and sales with Search Engine Marketing

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