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Here are the Top 10 Books for Pessimists. If you are a pessimist or former optimist then you may improve your inner life and outer life with auto programming books about NLP and so on.

#1 Raymond Hull: "How to get what you want"

Thanks to that book I mastered several emotional and financial crises. It deals with positive thinking, goal-setting and mastering your life with paper and pen. You will learn to know what you really want and how you can accomplish it. I read and applied this book in 1984. The goal-setting exercises of "How to get what you want" helped me to overcome my shyness with girls and to be more ambitious and successfull with my law studies. Without Hull's self-help book I wouldn't have passed the law examination in Germany. This book is a must to read for muddleheaded and beef-cakes. As this book is from 1969 there are only 5 reviews : 4 5 star and one 4 star. Read more on How to Get What You Want

#2 Donald Trump: How to Get Rich:

The title of that book is a clever marketing strategy as this book written by Donald J. Trump and Meredith Mciver is not only about getting rich but about the frankly revealed insight and thoughts of a multi-billionaire. A very important chapter for pessimists and former optimists is "Change Your Altitude". There "The Donald" is confessing that the favourite self-help book of his father and himself is "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale's principles helped Donald Trump to overcome and settle the $9,2 billion of debts after the real estate market crashed.

120 from 209 readers rated this book as helpfull. Here are the notes (2010.01.05.):

63 5 star, 26 4 star, 31 3 star, 26 2 star, 63 1 star.

Trump: How to Get Rich

#3 Norman Vincent Peale: The Power of Positive Thinking

I have to confess that I haven't yet read this book. But the fact that it is the favourite book of Mr. Donald Trump and his father I can't help recommending it for pessimists and former optimists. "The Power of Positive Thinking" has extremely good ratings. 127 from 201 readers graded it with the best note (5 stars). Here are the grades: 127 5star, 26 4star, 8 3star, 14 2star and 26 1star.

The Power of Positive Thinking

#4 Richard Carlson: "Don't worry, make money..."

"Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and more Fun in your Life".

With "Don't Worry, Make Money" by Richard Carlson you really learn spiritual and practical ways to create more fun and abundance. It is a book with 100 short chapters (1-3 pages) that are clear and snappy. Every chapter has specific tips for a more abundant life with less worries, which will help you make more money. It is very helpfull to make your life less stressful and to optimize your daily goals and productivity.

This book has 30 reviews: 15 5star, 6 4star, 3 3star, 2star and 4 1star. Learn more about this book on Don't Worry, Make Money: Spiritual and Practical Ways to Create Abundance and More Fun in Your Life

#5 José Silva & Burt Goldman: The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

This book helps you to overcome your negative thoughts and moods with an easy meditation technique. It has 14 Reviews: 9 5 star, 2 4 star, 1 3 star and 2 1 star. More information on The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

#6 Anthony Robbins: Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

This book mainly deals with Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and mental techniques to unleash your inner power and sleeping giant inside with 18 great chapters.

According to the large number of 308 reviews this book was a bestseller. The ratings are as follow: 196 5 star, 38 4 star, 21 3 star, 17 2 star and 36 1 star.

Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!

#7 Charles Givens: Wealth Without Risk

Wealth Without Risk has mainly positive ratings. From 94 reviews 80 readers graded it with 5 stars.

More Wealth Without Risk

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